Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

(tah-DAHS-anna)  / tāḍa = “mountain”

The word tāḍa in Sanskrit means “mountain”. Mountain pose helps you to improve balance and increase overall awareness of your body as well as strengthening the abdomen and the legs. It is a fundamental Yoga posture and is the basis and starting point for many of the other asanas.


  • Stand at the front of your mat.
  • Inner edges of your feet are together, toes and heels aligned.
  • Lift the toes and spread them and set them down while grounding your foundation into all 4 corners of your feet.
  • Tighten your kneecaps, pulling them up. This also tightens your thigh muscles (quadriceps), so tighten those even more and pull those up, too.
  • Now tighten your buttocks.
  • Your weight is distributed evenly between the two hips.
  • Pull your belly in and abdomen up.
  • Roll your shoulders back. You’re tall.
  • Shoulder are broad. Chest is broad.
  • Soft face. Relax your jaw, mouth closed, lips together.
  • Your head, neck, and spine should all be in a straight line.
  • Hands are at your side, palms facing in, fingers together.
  • Look forward, gazing toward the tip of your nose.
Mountain Pose (Tadasana)