Yoga Classes & Workshops

Private Sessions

Need some individual attention? Traditionally, yoga was taught one-on-one, teacher-to-student, in a private individualized setting. In this environment, the sequences and poses can be custom-tailored to your specific needs and allows you to practice and to learn at your own pace. With private yoga lessons, we can pause the practice at any time for further clarification or for special hands-on assists (to let you experience how the pose should feel when done correctly). If you’re feeling tentative about trying yoga for the first time, are a beginner, or are managing a medical or other physical challenge, private yoga lessons might be beneficial for you. Have questions? Please contact me to schedule a private yoga lesson or small-group session.

Yoga for Diabetes Workshop

I am currently developing a 2-hour Yoga for Diabetes workshop for doctors and corporate Employe Assistance Programs. It provides an overview of the latest research and simple practices that patients and employees can do anywhere, anytime. Please contact me  for more information on the upcoming workshop or to schedule a presentation.


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